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We Specialize in Strategic Marketing to the U.S. Military & Veteran Community





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Soldier in Uniform

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Are you looking to build a brand with the military community? Or are you interested in scaling your current engagement efforts through organic, proprietary, and trusted channels? Let us share with you our proven methods.

Soldier in Uniform

The Military & Veteran Community

Active Duty personnel, the Reserve and Guard, Veterans and Retirees, Spouses and Dependents all earn unique benefits and incentives for their service to the country. With so many online resources and predatory service providers, it can be a daunting task for military-connected men and women to find reputable information and organizations. We help them get a clearer picture of what they're eligible for, which providers are trustworthy, and how to utilize these programs to the fullest. 


On the other hand, companies who are providing valuable services and products to the military and veteran community, have immense hurdles to overcome in order to speak to this audience. There are numerous barriers to entry such as lack of industry insights, regulation and compliance restrictions, brand awareness, and a very competitive landscape. 

Recon Media has built a solution for both sides. Trusted brands for the military and veteran community, bringing vetted organizations and companies to the forefront. Transparent and Targeted advertising and marketing opportunities for organizations seeking to work with and earn the business of military-connected men and women.

28 million

military-connected men and women living in the United States eligible for financial services

$60 billion

received by colleges & universities in G.I. Bill(R) dollars between 2017-21


men & women leave the military each year to enter the workforce or higher education

Why Work with Us

We offer unique ways to market to the military community through our own digital platforms owned and operated by Recon Media. 


Recon Media has worked for years to build trusted brands providing best-in-class resources, content and tools.

We work with select companies, educational institutions, and service providers that offer real value.


Recon Media is able to provide unparalleled branding opportunities, proprietary data-driven marketing solutions, and 100% military audience engagement through our brands.


Don't spend all of your money on social platforms, billboards and traditional display advertising. We've built a robust online community seeking services.


Recon Media's value to both clients and the military community is our transparency in how we publish resources and information.


Our advertising partners work with us in sponsorship-style campaigns that provide opportunities to speak with the community. 

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