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Our Brands

These platforms are built and managed by Recon Media (formerly Home Front Alliance, LLC). By owning our own brands we're able to create custom experiences for our members and clients to create unparalleled brand engagement opportunities and great user experiences. 


Tired of traditional display opportunities and low quality, predatory lead generation programs? We do things different. Learn more by speaking with a member of our passionate team today! 

Whether you're a service provider in higher education, employment or financial services, we have the audience and opportunities for you.


Schedule a call with our team to review your needs, see if we're a good fit, and begin building a plan.

CollegeRecon provides direct access to updated and relevant information on colleges and universities while also providing a secure communication network to forge relationships with on-campus representatives who deal specifically with college-bound Veterans and Military personnel. 

Colleges and universities looking to increase their brand awareness and engagement with military-connected students in their discovery stage of the college decision making process are able to partner with CollegeRecon. 

CollegeRecon is NOT a traditional lead generator. Instead, we use organic and non-predatory practices to present your brand and institutional offerings to our members.

MyMilitaryBenefits publishes engaging content for Veterans, active duty military personnel and military families in the areas of employment, finance, and discounts. With a mobile-friendly interface, content optimized for search, and a distinguished brand, it is quickly becoming the trusted source for those in the process of transition. 

MyMilitaryBenefits works with companies and organizations providing services to the military community such as:

  • Banks

  • Credit card companies

  • Insurance companies

  •  VA loans

  • Discount providers

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CareerRecon is not your standard "job board." We have created extensive resources, guides and information on how to transition from service to the civilian world (for spouses too).

We've built out hundreds of profiles for career and staffing companies focused on discovering and placing military-connected men and women. 

CareerRecon enables men and women to search for specific companies with available jobs and career paths that fit their specific interests, needs, and qualifications. 

Recruiting organizations looking to hire military-connected candidates, can highlight their opportunities on CareerRecon to scale outreach and engagement. 

Some of our Clients

"We can honestly say that CollegeRecon is GOLDEN. CollegeRecon’s unique military platform, resources and active involvement in our program’s success is unparalleled. They get in front of the military audience better than a lot of our tactics because they are more experienced in this area. Their consulting services have contributed substantially to our knowledge and how to build our marketing plan from scratch for the military."

Brian Eck, Strategic Marketing Manager at the University of Cincinnati Online
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